I have stepped out of my comfort circle and have been talking about my ideas around Peace in a larger context.

To my surprise, people have been polite.  And to my larger surprise, some have actually been interested in furthering the conversation.  Thank you.  You know who you are.

When the opportunity presents itself, I start by stating what is alive in me and what I believe to be my true purpose this lifetime:  World Peace.

I then begin by just asking questions.

What if Monsanto is not the Devil?  What if we create them by our very actions of holding signs at the side of the road telling them of their ugliness?  What if our need to be right and our hatred creates our reality? Yes, what if we are really responsible?

What if instead, we invited them to dinner and praised them about what they say they aspire to be – a sustainable agricultural company – and, we shared with them the food we love to eat?

What if we brought, love, acceptance, compassion, and conversation to the table?  Civil conversation!

Conversation that starts with I See You.

I realize, that when I say that I have stepped out of “my comfort circle”, I have still been stepping out within my circle of acquaintances.  So with this blog, I’m hoping to step out into an even bigger circle.  Why?  Because I am the change I want to see in the world, and I am enough.  Thank you for showing up and reading this far.

Now, I invite you to be seen and heard.

So here is what could be most useful in furthering the conversation.  Before commenting, take a minute to get connected to what is alive in you and ponder the I am the change concept for yourself.  Start with the I am the change practice and write down the following sentence: “I am the change I want to see in the world”.  And then, write one more sentence.

When you’re done, please leave a comment below.

And if you care to, share this message!

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